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Freek FM a local community radio station that originally based in north London, and broadcast on 101.8 known as the 1018 express, quickly rising up in the ranks due to our unique way of performing. Where as others came through the acid house era, freek took on the formula of U.S. house and evolved through to what we now call garage. Playing the best from Nervous Records, Strictly Rhythm and more, around this time ('93) the UK's daddy of house n garage "Grant Nelson" started his label Nice 'N' Ripe. Freek FM would champion these alternative house sounds, which had more of a UK bumpy but sassy edge, which helped to mold the elite Freek FM sound.

DJ EZ Freek FM The first transmission was Dj Timmi Magic, Operator & Lennie-de-ice. During this time the sky held no limits to what Freek FM could achieve. The popularity grew so strong to which other members joined on and the weekly events started in north London called "BACK TO THE MANOR" With Freek FM members: TIMMI MAGIC / DJ EZ / OPERATOR/ THE VETERAN MADDNESS / SPECIAL K / DJ TOUCH / RAMSEY N FEN /DJ CLIPPER/ JAZZY D / BARNSEY/ BADGER B... and more.

The weekly Freek FM events was the first of its kind and set the presidency for future H&G events. Changing the name to "FREEKS N DA MANOR" Was more fitting to the popular Freek FM network. Freek dominated club land in all prestigious venue's from EC1,BAGLEYS,CAMDEN PALACE,LEISURE LOUNGE,one of the first in ayia napa in Cyprus with the world famous brand "FREEK N YOU",, major collaboration events with ZOO ENTERTAINMENTS, LORDS OF THE UNDERGROUND, ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS THAT LIST ALSO GOES ON AND ON!!!

Freek FM at Camden palace Freek FM then became the pinnacle of ukg,where all the dj's and mc's were in heavy demand. If any other promoter at the time did not have a Freek FM dj on the bill ,they would not be have that bumpy and unique style that only freek artists could bring!! Through the years freeks stacked up the awards and the rising stars continued with : REGGIE YATES AND DEV-STAR, DONAEO, HEARTLESS CREW, IRONIK , MS DYNAMITE AND MORE.. The DJ and MC combinations being that force to be reckoned with: DJ EZ (AWARD WINNER). THE VETERAN MADDNESS (KMA) WITH MC RANKING / SECRET AGENT. RAMSEY N FEN (BUG RECORDS). SPECIAL K. THE 2 WHEEL DRIVE SELECTER OPERATOR. DJS FARID N DEXTOR WITH THE AWARD WINNING MC CKP. DANNY (HITMAN) RICHARDS AND THE CHART TOPPING MC NEAT FEMININE PRESSURE'S DJ TOUCH /DJ BLUSH. HEARTLESS CREW'S FONTI,BUSHKIN,MIGHTY MOE. DJ BLU / CRUISER MC DOWNTOWN. JAZZY D / GROOVER / SMOOTH CONNECTION. EASYRIDER AND MC FLAVA...

The lists go on and on,where most rose to fame all through the award winning Freek FM. Record labels and outfits also rose to the top purely because of the Freek FM network and platform it provided, like the notorious ANTILL MOBB which came into prominence alongside Confetti, Chris Mac (the 2step king),Kma Productions, Dem 2, Ice Cream records, Todd the God Edwards... If a Freek FM dj were playing it, they helped as a stepping stone to explode on the scene. You only have to look in current times to how far the dj's mc's and producers have come to understand the formula.. After a lengthy break away from the scene the teachers have come back to school.

Freek FM at Camden palace Freek FM at Camden palace

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